About The American Yoga Academy

The American Yoga Academy was founded by Claire E Diab over 20 years ago. Claire is an Internationally Renowned Yoga Therapist, Health & Wellness Expert, and Inspirational Speaker who has been teaching nationally and internationally for over 25 years. The American Yoga Academy educates people on the true essence of Yoga…To teach people how to live their Yoga on and off the mat. The School is widely known for its Yoga Teacher Training.  The American Yoga Academy is registered with Yoga Alliance, an organization which created a National/International standard.

In addition, The American Yoga Academy & Studio offers private and semi-private lessons 365 days a year and offers broad range of Workshops and Corporate Wellness Seminars. There is something for everyone!

The American Yoga Academy is a beautiful, clean, serene, spacious space located in the heart of downtown Summit, New Jersey, one block from the Summit Train Station, conveniently located between NYC and Philadelphia.

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The American Yoga Academy offers Teacher Trainings nationally and internationally. If you unable to come to us, we can come to you!

Our Mission:

Our mission at the American Yoga Academy & Studio is to educate people on the true essence of Yoga. To teach people how to live their Yoga on and off the mat. We welcome people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and religions. Yoga is for everyone!

Our Style:

Our signature style at The American Yoga Academy is a unique blend of all the various styles of Hatha yoga and Eastern philosophy, much like the eclectic mix of so many different cultures in America. We infuse the ancient philosophies of Yoga in a Modern Way into each class and teach people to live their Yoga every day in every way. The classes are a combination of fluid movement, breathing, and relaxation which creates strength, flexibility, and balance. It is a beautiful flow offering variations for all levels. All of our instructors incorporate their own uniqueness into each class… always making it fun and informative. This style is for everyone whether you’ve been practicing Yoga for many years or if this is your first time!

Modern Day Yoga for the Modern Day Yogi is the philosophy we believe in here at The American Yoga Academy. We educate people on how to live Yoga on and off the mat… infusing these ancient Yogic techniques and wisdom into your daily life! 

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