Meditate with Claire


Meditation with Claire

claire meditating eyes open.jpg


Click here to Begin Meditation with Claire Diab

Meditation has changed my life in the way I look, feel and how I live my life. When I started meditating 24 years ago it was not so popular. Now, meditation is becoming more and more popular not only throughout the United States but now the whole world.


Corporations, schools, small businesses, vacation resorts and retreats are incorporating this beautiful ancient technique as a part of their program.


Our physical health is so important. And just how our physical health is so important, our mental health, which is so often over looked, is arguably even more important.


There are hundreds of ways to meditate. Mantra meditation is my favorite. Mantra is a Sanskrit word, Sanskrit is an ancient language. “Man” means “mind,” “Tra” means “instrument” or “tool.” Mantra is a repeated word or words that helps calm and quiet the mind.

Meditate with me every morning with this video as I guide you through breathing techniques and mantra meditation.







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