The Law of Dharma

This week I had the pleasure of observing Claire’s class at Seton Hall as she taught the Seventh Spiritual Law of Success – The Law of Dharma. Dharma refers to our purpose in life, the unique gift or talent we each have that can be shared with others. What a wonderful topic to discuss with students who are months away from graduation!

Finding your purpose in life isn’t just for Yogis and College students, you too can follow Claire’s practice to tap into your Dharma:

Close your eyes and think of five things you love to do. What gets you excited? What lights you up?

Holding the things you love in your mind, picture your ultimate dream job – what does it look like? Be specific. Forget what you are “supposed” to do, what your friends or family may “want” you to do, what society tells you you can or cannot do. Listen to your heart.

A Top Five From Claire

  1. Parties – I love setting up the food and having people over.
  2. Eating all kinds of food, going to restaurants, trying new cuisines especially my favorites Sushi and Sake.
  3. Dancing
  4. Yoga, especially when I am able to take a Yoga class for myself
  5. Traveling. I’ve been very lucky to travel all over the world, now I love visiting beautiful places around the United States.
  6. Golf. I never thought I would like golf (I always thought it looked boring) but I gave it a try five years ago and when I finally was able to hit the ball, I fell in love.

Claire’s Dream Job

Teaching the philosophy of Yoga to college students and training Yoga Teachers to be health and wellness educators.

The Seton Hall students sat in a circle and one by one stood in front of their peers to talk about the things they most loved to do, and share their deepest ambitions. I’ll admit, as an observer, my heart was beating a little faster than normal as my turn grew closer. I was inspired by the courage and honesty I saw in the classroom, speaking from the heart is not always easy.

We all shared many common interests (traveling, eating, spending time with friends and family, exercising, listening to music, watching TV, sleeping) but our dream jobs were as diverse as could be (astronaut, OBGYN, Rural Planner, Non Profit Event Coordinator, Teacher, Pro Baseball Player for the Mets, Forensic Pathologist, Sports GM, Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Journalist, Mayor, Stage Manager). It was a beautiful reminder that while we each have a unique purpose in life, we are all more alike than we think.

It is your birth right to do what you truly love and to share that love with others. I hope this inspires you  to take a moment today and tune into your passions – feel free to share your dreams in the comments below!





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