Crystals… 6 Stones to get you Started!

The Power of Healing Crystals

The use of crystals is a time-tested spiritual tradition that crosses into many cultures.  Each crystal has a unique molecular blueprint and carries a distinct energetic vibration just as the human body does. These vibrations can affect our mood, energy, vitality and emotions.
Where to Start… 
Crystals come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  There is a wealth of information about each stone and its properties however when choosing a stone to add to your collection it is important to trust your own intuition.
You do not need to know the exact properties of every stone in order to buy one – If you are searching for a new stone whether online, in a store or in nature just relax and choose whichever one you are most drawn to.

Here are 6 foundation crystals to get you started!

1. Clear Quartz
  • Universal and most influential for beginners.  
  • Boosts energy and general wellbeing.  
  • Can be used to magnify energy and intentions
  • Can be used to clean and recharge other crystals
2. Amethyst
  • Balances the mind body and spirit.  
  • Assists meditation and enhance intuition.  
  • Calming and relaxing.  
  • Increases imagination and creativity. 
3. Roze Quartz

  • Increases self love and self acceptance by strengthening the heart and heart chakra.  
  • Dissolves resentments
  • Create space for positive energy. 
4. Citrine
  • Stone of luck, Self Confidence and Financial Prosperity.
  • Can attract business or money as well as joy, optimistic thinking and self confidence.  
  • Stimulates imagination and clarity of thought. 
5. Smoky Quartz
  • Relaxing, grounding and protective.
  • Can aid recuperation of personal energies.  
  • Aids insomnia and bring peaceful dreams.
  • Opens the path for learning and creativity. 
6. Black Tourmaline
  • Grounding stone and protector from negative energies.
  • Can clear, purify and balance all chakras of the body.  
  • Can be used to clear the mind, increase focus and attention span.
If you choose to pursue crystals and crystal healing there are a few things to keep in mind, keep an open mind, allow your intuition to guide you and have fun!

“The best teachers show you where to look,
They don’t tell you what to see”

Namaste, Lots of Love and Hugs,
Claire, Nicole & The American Yoga Academy


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