4th of July Classes & Summer Special


The American Yoga Academy Celebrates Independence Day!
The 4th of July has a special place in our hearts – Hence our name The American Yoga Academy.  Independence day in the United States is by far the most important national holiday of the year around the country and in our studio.
The statue of liberty symbolizes America’s independence and the freedom that our country offers to all that enter.  We are inspired to honor all the symbols from Statue of liberty at The American Yoga Academy- Freedom, Knowledge and Enlightenment.  Freedom – all are welcome to our studio and we encourage their freedom, creativity and self expression in the classes. Knowledge – learning to live yoga on and off the mat, and enlightenment – finding union within ourselves, with our loved ones and everyone in the world.
On Thursday July 4th 1776, our forefathers declared independence for the United States of America.  Today, all these years later, the United Staes remains a leader in the free world.
This weekend let’s give thanks to our American Forefathers who created the Declaration of Independence: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Thank you for your fortitude, will and desire for our nations independence. Also we want to thank the brave individuals who protect us and our freedom today. Thank you.
Celebrate the Essence of Independence Day with us this Weekend!
“Teaching is not an imposition of the teacher’s will over that of the student. Not at all.
Teaching starts with freedom and ends with freedom”
-Vanda Scaravelli
Look forward to seeing you – Happy Independence Day!
Namaste, Lots of Love and Hugs,
Claire & Nicole
The American Yoga Academy | 25 Maple Street Summit NJ 07901
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