6 Reasons Why Anyone Could (and SHOULD) Take Yoga Teacher Training

for those who want to teach yoga – and even those who don’t! 

My name is Nicole Cris – Director of The American Yoga Academy – Every day I meet with people who are considering taking the Yoga Teacher Training –  I support them on their journey from curiosity to enrollment then graduation & beyond. Each student has their own unique set of goals, expectations and questions.  I am inspired by each Yogi and their unique transformations – As they graduate I always ask them what they experienced during the program and if they could do it over again what their biggest reason would be to take it.

These are the most common answers…

  1. Get in touch with yourself. It is easy to get wrapped up in day to day life – Meditation, Breathing and Movement will calm and quiet the mind – letting your true essence shine through.  Each of us is patient, loving, compassionate and brilliant – we just need to remember.
  2. Build a Community. People of all ages, sizes, shapes, professions and religions gather for the training. The people you meet on this journey will grow to be your friends and colleagues – creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.
  3. De-Stress and Find Positivity. Through Meditation and Yoga you will find yourself feeling more lighthearted and easygoing – letting your life to flow more easily and effortlessly.  You will smile more and draw more positivity into your life by creating it within – Be the change you want to see.
  4. Learn More Than Just Poses. Yoga is an 5,000 year old ancient practice which is deeper than just the physical aspect.  You will learn the Poses as well as Breathing, Meditation, Nutrition, Energy Enlivening Techniques & More.  Practicing all the elements of Yoga will change the way you look, the way you feel and the way you live your life.
  5. Deepen Your Personal Practice.  From immersing yourself in classes, exploring new poses and styles, and learning safety and alignment you will strengthen your body and mind.  Wherever you are in your current state is a perfect place to begin – Everyone is welcome.  You will have a deeper understanding of your physical body and learn how to progress in a way that is safe and feels good.
  6. Build Confidence and Creativity.  You will learn to be an Educator – Discovering what you love and sharing it with your friends, family and clients.

I have seen men and women from all walks of life – from 15 year olds to 87 year olds and everything in between, any and all fitness levels, and an astounding array of different lifestyles – lawyers, doctors, fitness trainers, full-time parents and so much more.  We’ve had students from down the street and across the country each looking for something a little different and leaving a brighter version of their previous selves.

This program is more than a course – it is an experience – to deepen your practice, expand your mind and change your life.  I have seen more incredible stories than I can count and I love sharing the experience with all who seek it.  Whether you are looking for a new career or just want to take an extraordinary journey – I invite you this Sunday to visit us the studio and learn about our Yoga Teacher Training.

Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training with Nicole Cris

Sunday May 22 / 1:00 pm 

Other times are available – Call or Email for More Information 973-731-9960 / Nicole@AmericanYogaAcademy.com

nicole-circleNamaste, Lots of Love,

Nicole Cris


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