Chi Gung Healing Sounds

Today I want to share with all of you the power of the Chi Gung Healing Sounds…. Here is an excerpt from my book Breathe, Move Meditate.  Experience the power for yourself! Join Lee Holden and I for our East Meets West Yoga Fusion on April 23! Lee Holden FB


Chi Kung (also spelled Qi Gong) is an ancient healing practice from China dating back 5000 years. It is the Art and Science of using Breathing Techniques, Gentle Movements, and Meditation to Cleanse, Strengthen, and Circulate the Life Energy “Chi” in and around the body.

Chi Kung is a powerful, practical tool that people can easily learn to relieve stress and tension and replace them with energy and vibrant health. It can also help get us back in touch with ourselves and our beautiful bodies, minds, and spirits. It enables us to break the negative habits we have acquired and replace them with positive ones that support our health and well-being. Chi Kung is a natural, easy form of self-care, which can make a difference in your life and how you feel everyday.

Each organ is surrounded by a sac or membrane called Fascia. The Fascia releases excess heat through the skin and brings in cool life-force and energy from nature. An overload of emotional or physical stress causes the fascia to stick to the organ, which then is not able to release its heat or toxins. The organs and skin can become clogged with toxins and the organs can become overloaded. These healing sounds release the heat and toxins.

Practice once a day, each sound 3 times. Practice on an empty stomach and allow yourself to rest for 3 to 5 minutes once you have finished.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.21.50 AM



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