Celebrating The Law of Least Effort Maui Presentation


Today at The Chopra Center’s Seduction of Spirit in Maui and all around the world we celebrate The Law of Least Effort.  This can also be known as the principle of allowing and to practice acceptance.
When we look at nature birds don’t try to fly,
they just fly.  The earth doesn’t try to spin, it is the nature of the earth to spin. The nature of babies is to be in bliss and the nature of humans is to manifest their dreams into reality.
Affirmations for Success:
– I Practice Acceptance
– I Accept Responsibility (find a creative solution)
– I Remain Established in Defenselessness
Meditation is a wonderful tool to connect with our true essence.  Calming and quieting the mind will help you to approach all situations with a sense of effortlessness.   
To practice Mantra Meditation (Mantra = “Mind Tool”) sit comfortably with your eyes closed and silently repeat a mantra – gently focusing on the repetition to draw you away from any thoughts, distractions or emotions.

The Law of Least Effort’s Sanskrit Mantra is “Om Daksham Namah” (Ohm Dock-shahm Nah Mah) which holds the essence “My Actions Achieve Maximum Benefit with Minimal Effort”.
Using this powerful mantra during meditation will keep the intention of Least Effort in your consciousness.  Sit quietly for a few moments after you finish your meditation before moving back into activity.  Take this calm peaceful feeling with you for the rest of your day and enjoy!
“I cannot control the waves,
I can only learn to ride them”
Aloha from Maui!  Today at Seduction of Spirit in Maui 425 Yogis from around the world are celebrating The Law of Least Effort.  I will be standing on stage today sharing my absolute favorite law – which has saved my life through the hardest of times.  Read The Law of Least Effort from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Dr. Deepak Chopra.
 I will share with you my presentation:
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Messages Image(447639038) Messages Image(2076588967) Messages Image(1212539656) Messages Image(1600646475) Messages Image(985144492) Messages Image(381672800)Namaste, Lots of Love and Hugs, Claire

2 responses to “Celebrating The Law of Least Effort Maui Presentation

  1. Claire, HOW ARE YOU? I sat next to you at Seduction of Silence about 2 years ago in California……would love to get on your mailing list or blog. Love to connect. I need you in my life now!~ LOL
    Linda Wind


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