6 Fun Facts About Hanukkah Traditions!

Hello Everyone!  We have officially moved into the Holiday Season.
The Festivals of Light;  Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa, we honor Cultural and Spiritual Traditions while spending time with Family and Friends.
This Sunday, Dec 6, Hanukkah begins.  This Holiday is filled with rich traditions to celebrate Freedom, Generosity and Union with Family, Friends and Community.
Here are some Fun Facts about Hanukkah:
Traditionally Gelt (Money) was given to teachers and children. This is why Chocolate Coins are given during Hanukkah.
Menorahs have 9 branches – The center Shamash Candle is used to light the 8 others – 1 for each day of the Festival.
The Torah is the central reference of the religious Judaic tradition.  It is The Law of God as revealed to Moses.
Dreidels were used when learning Torah was  outlawed – Children met to study, if they saw a Greek soldier they’d pretend to be playing.
Hanukkah is the celebration of the victory over a tyrant King. The story says a small quantity of Oilfor the Menorah miraculously lasted 8 days.
Foods Fried in OilIncluding Latkes (Potato Pancakes)& Sufangiyot (Jelly-filled Donuts) are eaten in honor of the sacred Oil.

Happy Hanukkah!


Namaste, Lots of Love and Hugs,
 Claire & Nicole

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